Add an Olympic theme to your training…

Hey Fitness Pros,

The Olympics are well on there way and the world is inspired and captivated by the athleticism, determination, and focus of these athletes.

So use this as an opportunity to incorporate some fun Winter Olympic challenges or workouts.

For example, maybe each day during the Olympics set a new drill, challenge or exercise with an Olympic theme. Here’s some ideas. Adjust times based on the client.

* Alpine Skier Wall Squat – How long can you hold the position?

* BOSU Snowboard 180 Jumps – Perform for 30 seconds

* BOSU Luge – Hold Luge position for 45 seconds.

* X-Country Ski Race – How fast can you do 1 mile on an Indoor X-Country Ski machine?

* Apolo Ohno Exercuff Speed Skate – Set up a course around the studio and have clients ‘skate’ for 2 minutes

* Curling Lunges – Had to add that one in for Canada 😉

Hope this gives you some ideas. Part of being a world-class trainer is always mixing it up and keeping it fun for clients.

Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan

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